Workout together

Stay fit and healthy in your relationship

Doing sports together!

Are you looking for a sport that you can do together as a couple? Teamfit is an app that offers you a lot of exercises and different workouts. You can train exclusively with your own body weight, you can bring your body into shape both at home and outdoors without problems alone or together.

This is how teamfit works

With the teamfit app you no longer train alone. Together with others it is easier to stay in touch.

1. Create your team

Download the free teamfit app to your smartphone and register with your email address or your Facebook account.

2. Found or find a team

You could also use teamfit alone, but it is much better with your partner. Create a team or join an existing team via an invitation link or code.

3. Setting and achieving goals

As Team Captain you can set goals for yourself and your partner that you want to achieve together in a certain time. All training services are credited towards the goal.

Training focus

In the teamfit app you have many possibilities to train different things. You can choose between running, cycling and bodyweight training. In bodyweight training you can once again distinguish which parts of your body you want to train. Either you train the whole body, stomach & back, buttocks & legs or the upper body.

Get teamfit now and achieve your goals! Together with your partner, because together you are always stronger than alone!

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