Stronger together

Workout with your friends all around the world

How teamfit works for groups

With the teamfit App you no longer train alone. Together with others it is easier to go on and on.

1. Create a team

Download the free teamfit app to your smartphone and register with your email address or your Facebook account.

2. Invite your friends

Share your team invitation link or team code with your friends or fitness group. Wait till they join your team.

3. Set your goals

Now set goals for your team, which you and the other team members should reach in a certain time. All workouts are credited towards the goal. In addition, you can see the performance of each individual in the feed and in the team ranking.

Ranking, Communication & Feed

Are you looking for a sporting challenge with your friends or group? With the teamfit App you can set a goal which you have to reach with your team in a certain time.
In the ranking you can see how much the other team members and you have already contributed to the goal. So you can spur each other on to rise in the ranking and train more. Additionally you have the possibility to communicate with each other via the teamfit wall and motivate you even more.

  • Fast and easy communication
  • Motivating team ranking

teamfit Coach

We developed the teamfit coach with the help of selected coaches from various sports and trained physiotherapists. It helps you to train regularly under professional guidance. And that doesn't even cost much time. Starting with 7 minutes a day, you can achieve visible results. In addition, the teamfit coach adapts the workouts to your fitness level and your chosen training focus.

  • Professional Training
  • Motivating exercises
  • Fast and lasting success

Get teamfit now and achieve your goals! Together with your friends, because together you are always stronger than alone!

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