Take your team to the next level

Professional strength & endurance training for your team

This is how teamfit works for teams

Take your team to the next level of fitness.

1. Create your team

Download the teamfit app, register and create a teamfit team.

2. Invite your players

Once your team is created, you can invite your players to your team via an invitation link or the team code.

3. Define the team goals

As a coach, you can set goals for your team to achieve in a given time.

Additional training

Every trainer knows the problem. Strength and endurance training is time-consuming and is therefore usually neglected in daily training work. This two points - especially in the preparation for the season - are of elementary importance in order to build a good physical foundation.

Whether young people or adults, amateurs or professionals. With the teamfit App the training of strength and endurance besides the actual club training is simple and motivating.

As a coach, you define the goals for your team. These can be achieved by running, biking or bodyweight training. You see exactly which player has performed which performance. And even better - players can also see when their teammates have completed workouts. This motivates the players to become active themselves and contribute to achieving the goal.
With teamfit sustained successes can be achieved quickly.

Workout Generator

If you want to customize the training for your team even more, you can use the teamfit Workout Generator to create training sessions and share them with your team.
This allows you to control the additional training load even better, depending on the type of sport and seasonal phase.


Communicate with your players about the teamfit team wall. Write messages, which can be commented and liked. With the messages you can motivate everyone in the team or tell them something important. In addition, the News tab also shows the sporting activities of all team members.

Get teamfit now and achieve your goals! Together with your team, because together you are always stronger than alone!

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