Get fit with

Team up with your friends, company or partner and achieve your goals. Battle against each other in the ranking or compete in challenges with other team.





How Teamfit works

With the Teamfit app you no longer have to do your home workouts alone. Together with your friends you are stronger and it is easier to stay motivated!

1. CreateYour team

Download the free Teamfit app, register and create your team. it only takes one minute to do so.

2. Set your team's goal

Set a goal you want to achieve with your team. This can be anything from a general point value to a specific running distance

3. Get support from your friends

Invite your friends to join your team. Now everyone of you can work out to reach the team goal.

Set your goals and achieve it together

You can do you workouts alone but work together with you team to achieve your goals. That's all it takes to stay motivated!

For friends, partners, colleagues and teammates

No matter whether with your friends, your partner, your department in your company or your team in the sports club. Team up with others in a Teamfit team and achieve your goals together. It is always easier to train with several people, to motivate yourself and to achieve goals than alone. Because together we are stronger!

Making different sports comparable

You can do Running, Biking, HIIT Bodyweight Training, Inline Skating, Hiking and much more to collect Teamfit points and achieve your team goals.

Challenges for more motivation and fun

Unite with or battle against other teams in challenges. You can ether take part in our big highlight challenges, which we run regularly with awesome partners or you can create your own challenges (coming soon).

We love our community

We listen to your feedback. The development roadmap of the Teamfit app is based on the feedback from all of you. We want Teamfit to be the best fitness app possible. That's why our ratings are great!

Top! And not just to challenge each other during a lockdown.


Fits very well for my sports team. All are active and no one wants to be last in the rankings.


Great for the team feeling, no matter where in the world you are. Team remains Team!