Team spirit, health and sustainability for your company

Achieve more together! Strengthen the team spirit and at the same time promote the physical and mental health of your employees, as well as the sustainability of your company.

Successful companies trust in Teamfit

Why Teamfit?

The best solution for health and team spirit

With Teamfit, you can effectively address the lack of exercise and all the associated consequences. In addition, you strengthen the team structure in your company. The combination of these two aspects ensures fewer sick days, fitter and more productive employees, more efficient cooperation and lower employee turnover. And best of all - with the unique Teamfit concept you reach a large part of your employees.

> 1 %
of all employees register within the first 3 month
> 1
Employees already participate in Teamfit activities in their company
> 1 min
average activity minutes per participant
> 1 %
appreciate Teamfit as a huge company benefit


What customers say about Teamfit

Teamfit creates enthusiasm among employees and managers alike. The results speak for themselves, just as our customers speak for us.

How it works

The most advanced concept on the market

With individual health, fitness and sports challenges, you motivate your employees to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. All challenges are completed as a team. Joint targets encourage the activity of individual employees. Major tasks or competitions connect the entire company in a unique way.

Teams for long term motivation

During the registration process, employees are divided into teams (e.g. by department). These teams subsequently act as small sworn units, which can either compete against each other in a competitive mode or all work together in a cooperative mode to achieve a major goal.

Challenges unite the whole company

In competitive mode, teams compete against each other. The best teams can be rewarded with prizes. The competition of regions, countries or cities is also possible. In cooperative mode, teams collect donations together, run locations, plant trees, or earn digital educational materials for people in need.

Every step counts

All employees collect movement points, movement minutes or kilometers traveled - depending on the customer's preference, through any kind of exercise. Bodyweight training, running, cycling, hiking, yoga, pedometers, connection of external trackers such as Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health or Google Fit, and even gardening - every step counts.

Available on Web an Mobile

You can access the Teamfit platform via the Teamfit web app as well the Teamfit mobile apps for Android and iOS.
We also provide Widgets for integration in company intranet or company websites as well as an API for statistics data.

Add Mindfulness, Nutrition and Sustainability to your company challenge

Teamfit does not only support sports, we also have modules for mindfulness - including meditation, music and bineaural beats, nutrition - including tips, recipes and AI powered meal recording feature, and sustainability - including collecting points for sustainable actions.
Contact us and learn what's possible.


Your platform, your design

Strengthen your employer brand

Teamfit appears both on the web and in the mobile app in your corporate design, without additional or hidden costs.
If you want something more, we can also provide Teamfit as a complete white label solution. This means you get your own domain, your own completely separate data storage and even your own apps in the AppStore and GooglePlay.


Have a look at our references

The BMW group uses Teamfit to organize an international sport and fitness challenge with employees in more than 15 countries.

DB Schenker, the global market leader in the logistics industry, uses Teamfit to collect donations for selected NGOs with its 80,000 employees worldwide as part of quarterly challenges.

The Landessportbund NRW has already held several challenges with its member clubs. Thousands of participating teams have completed hundreds of thousands workouts as part of these challenges.

BAYERN 3 announced the Fitness Spring as the official sports challenge for all listeners. With over ten thousand participants and more than 6,000,000 minutes of sport completed, the campaign was a complete success.


...and over 1,500 additional companies, universities, schools, clubs, and associations trust Teamfit!

All this is included

Teamfit comes with a lot of features but is easy to handle for the user. This is why most of the users are very satisfied and keep using Teamfit in the long run.

Numerous sports

Teamfit comes with Yoga, Bodyweight Training, running, biking and much more.

Team Area

Each team (e.g. each department) gets its own area including internal ranking, communication and goals.


Let your teams compete against each other or let them join forces to achieve a common goal.

Own design

You get your own area in the Teamfit app, which is completely branded in your corporate design.

Individual content

Your sports action is enriched by individual content. Either you do it yourself or we create and enrich your challenges.

Professional support

Your sports programs will be guided by our qualified team, both professionally and technically, so that everything runs perfectly.


Sounds interesting?

Let's talk how Teamfit can make your employees healthier and improve the teamspirit in your company.