Achieve your goals!

Together with your team, your friends or your partner.

Introducing teamfit

Running, biking, bodyweight training. All in one app.

Bodyweight training

Train everywhere, super effective and time-saving - only with your own body weight. teamfit contains over 50 exercises, with detailed explanatory videos for a super effective training.

teamfit coach

The teamfit coach creates workouts tailored to your needs, based on your training results. That's the best way to train.

Workout generator

If you prefer to decide for yourself which exercises you or your team members want to do you can simply use the teamfit workout generator to create your own workouts and share them with your teams.

teamfit overview

Running & biking

With your GPS smartphone you track the most important factors such as distance, duration, Speed and pace. So teamfit is the perfect tool for endurance to be set up.


Join a teamfit team with your friends, your partner or your team in the sports club. Set goals and motivate each other to achieve them.

Kommunikation & Rankings

Post to your teamfit team wall and chat with other members. Climb up in the internal team ranking with each training session.

Who is teamfit for?

No matter whether with your friends, your partner or your team in the sports club. Team up with others in a teamfit team and achieve your goals together. It is always easier to train with several people, to motivate yourself and to achieve goals than alone. Because together we are stronger!

How teamfit works

With the teamfit App you no longer train alone. Together with others it is easier to go on and on

1. Create a team

Download the free teamfit App, register with your email address or your Facebook account and create a team.

2. Invite your friends

Send your invitation link or team code to your friends. Wait until your friends have registered and joined your team.

3. Set your goals

Define the goals you want to achieve as a group. You can choose from pre-defined training plans or combine running km, biking km, repetitions and points completely freely.

teamfit Coach

We developed the teamfit coach with the help of selected coaches from various sports and trained physiotherapists. It helps you to train regularly under professional guidance. And that doesn't even cost much time. Starting with 7 minutes a day you can achieve visible results. In addition, the teamfit coach adjusts the workouts to your fitness level.

  • Professional training
  • Motivating exercises
  • Fast and lasting success

Individual focus

You can choose an individual training focus for yourself. So you can decide whether you want to run, cycle or do bodyweight trainings. And even better: with bodyweight training you can even distinguish which parts of your body you want to train more. The teamfit coach takes this into account when assembling your workouts.

Workout Generator

If you want to customize your training even more, you can create your own training sessions with the teamfit Workout Generator and share them with your team.
You can choose from all teamfit exercises and set the order and number of repetitions freely. Of course you can also add pauses.So you can train exactly what is important to you right now.


Here you can get a short overview of the teamfit app.

Get teamfit now and achieve your goals! Together with your friends, because together you are always stronger than alone!

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