Corporate Health

A healthy workplace is an important factor for the well-being and satisfaction of employees. Occupational health management includes all measures aimed at promoting and maintaining the health of employees. This includes, for example, measures to prevent illness, but also offers to promote physical and mental health. A healthy working environment can help employees to be more motivated, more productive and less prone to illness. In our blog articles on the topic of occupational health management, we would like to introduce you to various strategies and measures on how you can promote health in the workplace. This is not only about concrete offers such as ergonomics or fitness courses, but also about the design of work processes and the promotion of teamwork and communication.

Frau die schwitzt mit Wasserflasche und einem Tuch zum Schweis abtupfen. Es zeigt das Gesundheitsrisiko Hitze am Arbeitsplatz

Health risk of heat in the workplace

Menschen sind vielfältig Wir alle unterscheiden uns in zahlreichen Punkten wie Alter Geschlecht oder ethnische Zugehörigkeit Diversität ist ein entscheidender Erfolgsfaktor für Organisationen da die

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