An effective fitness routine and a healthy body are crucial for a fulfilled and active life. But why is exercise so important, how do you find a suitable type of sport and what do you need to pay attention to when training? In our fitness section, we explain why sport and exercise are so important and introduce you to different types of sport. You will also find useful tips and tricks from experts on how to achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Injury risk in sports

Injuries are an ever-present risk in sports. Whether playing soccer, running or basketball – anyone who is active can be unlucky and suffer an injury. Even if this cannot always

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What do healthy joints need?

Healthy joints are critical to our mobility and quality of life. Although we often take them for granted, our joints deserve attention and care in order to function optimally. In

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Promote flexibility & coordination

For health and fitness it is indispensable to train strength as well as endurance regularly. However, flexibility and coordination should not be forgotten. Here you will learn why you should

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Resistance Training

Only real strongmen win a medal in this Olympic classic. Weightlifting involves lifting a barbell over your head with your arms. The barbell is lifted upwards by jerking or pushing,

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4 mountain sports in portrait

The mountain calls. Sports in nature are good for body and mind. The mountains offer special conditions and the opportunity for many different sports. Here we present 4 mountain sports

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Calorie requirement & BMI

A rough guideline for daily calories used to be 2,000 kcal, but this actually only applies to a few people. Our individual calorie needs depend on a number of epigenetic

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4 Team Sports in Profile

Playing sports with other people and pursuing the same goals is not only fun, but also incredibly motivating. There are numerous team sports around the world, as sports in groups

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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates – it’s hard to imagine society without these two sports. Both aim at strengthening & stretching the muscles and also include the breath in the exercises. What

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The advantages of sprinting

In addition to strength training, endurance training is also a fundamental pillar of physical fitness. Most people initially think of jogging or cycling. However, sprinting is a recommended alternative to

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No matter if it is a lake, an outdoor or indoor pool: Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Germany. Whether you’re a hobby swimmer or a professional

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Muesli Bar Deluxe

Get the power and nutrients you need for your workout with our Muesli Bar Deluxes. The bars are healthy, quick to prepare and taste truly fantastic. We hope you enjoy

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About Pilates

Joseph Pilates brought the groundbreaking strengthening exercise to the world in the early 20th century. Since that time, more than 12 million people have come to practice Pilates. This low-impact exercise can

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