In our blog articles on the topic of sustainability, we would like to introduce you to various aspects and possibilities of how you can make your everyday life and your working environment more sustainable. This is not only about concrete tips and measures, but also about background information and contexts so that you get a better understanding of why sustainability is so important.

Sustainable search engines

Every Google query eats up electricity. So much so, for example, that we boil a liter of water every 30 Google searches. And electricity naturally has a CO2 footprint. Google

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Plastic as a global problem

Life without plastic is almost unimaginable nowadays. Whether packaging, clothing, cosmetics, household appliances or car tires, we are surrounded by plastic everywhere. Plastic offers a lot of advantages, no question.

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Water as a valuable resource

In everyday use, water is a matter of course. Whether it’s for drinking, cooking or washing, you can’t do without it. It is therefore hardly surprising that a person living

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Regional and seasonal food

Regional and seasonal food is fresher, tastes better and is also much more environmentally friendly ♻️ than food from overseas. According to the Federal Center for Nutrition, almost two-thirds of

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Sustainable nutrition

What does my diet have to do with the Amazon in Brazil? In everyday life, many people are not even aware that their purchasing decisions in the supermarket not only

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Saving CO2 to protect our earth

Human-induced climate change is caused, among other things, by harmful greenhouse gases, with one in particular being emitted by industrial society: Carbon dioxide. In this article, you will learn what

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Sustainability & a green lifestyle

Sustainability as well as environmental protection are current and important issues in society and politics. Individuals can also actively contribute to protecting the ecosystem and not further fuelling climate change

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