How Teamfit works

Three steps to a successful Teamfit experience

1. Choose mode
and topic

How long do you want the competition to run? What should be the focus? Physical Health? Mental Health? One-time or long-term?

2. Activate your
Teamfit version

Just contact us and we will set up your branded Teamfit version. You can choose exactly what content and challenge you want to have.

3. Invite your

We'll provide a code, a link and/or a QR-code for your employees to sign up to your individual Teamfit version.


Provide the best in class digital health tool

Sport, mindfulness, nutrition and sustainable behavior is available as well as built-in teambuilding.
This leads to healthier employees, better employee retention and improved team structure.


Use Challenges as temporary highlights

Use the individual exercise, nutrition and sustainability challenges to create great additional incentives up to four times a year. This leads to a better team spirit, more motivation and great shared experiences.

Teamfit Platform

Use Teamfit the whole year

Our sophisticated concept enables the year-round support of your employees in the areas of exercise, mindfulness and nutrition. Varied challenges, professional support, helpful tips and professional contacts for your company. Always available, the whole year!

Teamfit ganzjährige Betreuung


Start using Teamfit with your company

Get in touch with us and we will discuss how Teamfit can make your company's employees fitter, more motivated and healthier. We look forward to hearing from you.