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Your corporate team challenge with Teamfit

Use the motivating competition and the varied offer of Teamfit Challenges to make your employees healthier and happier.

Movement & activity challenge

In the area of movement and activity, Teamfit offers a wide range of different options. Make your employees collect minutes, steps, points or kilometers. Depending on which metric you choose, your challenge will have a different character.

Mental health challenge

The Mental Health Challenge provides valuable tools to strengthen inner resources and reduce stress. Participants gain relevant knowledge about the basics of resilience, mindfulness and self-care as the basis for mental well-being.
Simple exercises teach techniques and methods that can be applied at any time and easily integrated into everyday life. The program is rounded off by our guided meditations and yoga sessions.

Step challenge

Step challenges are a fun way to promote employee health and productivity. Participants track their daily steps for a set period, fostering camaraderie and boosting morale. To organize a successful challenge: set clear goals, choose the right platform, promote participation, track progress, and celebrate achievements. Make it engaging with elements of competition and offer incentives. Providing support and being flexible are key to ensuring success.

Sustainability challenge

With a Teamfit Sustainability Challenge, you motivate your employees to behave more sustainably. At the same time, you position yourself as a responsible employer and work on your ESG goals. Your employees collect sustainability points or saved CO2 through sustainable behavior.

Nutrition challenge

The Nutrition Challenge teaches positive eating habits and important basic knowledge about healthy eating in an informal way. A variety of options are combined, such as re-cooking healthy recipes, recording the daily amount of liquids consumed, submitting one's own recipes and photo tasks.
Through interesting posts, participants receive valuable impulses on healthy nutrition and can test their knowledge by answering quiz questions. Optionally, participation in the company's offers, such as live cooking sessions or lectures, can be advertised and scored.

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