Extensive possibilities

With Teamfit you can collect points with different activities. Over 90 different sports, yoga, step tracking, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition and sustainable behavior. With Teamfit, variety is ensured.

GPS Tracking

Track your sports activity

With Teamfit you can track your sports activities. With integrated GPS tracking, more than 100 bodyweight training exercises and more than 50 predefined workouts, short movement snacks, integration of third-party trackers like Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin and Fitbit, and over 90 other sports, everyone can participate in his favorite way.


Extensive Yoga courses

Teamfit contains multiple Yoga courses, each with 15 sessions a 15 minutes. Energize, gain strength and mobility with Teamfit Yoga!


Boost your mental health

The Teamfit Mindfulness & Meditation package includes guided meditations, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, and music for relaxation and concentration. With this you expand your offer from physical to mental health.


Promote healthy nutrition

The Teamfit Nutrition package offers great healthy and seasonal recipes, rewards for vegetarian days and much more. This promotes healthy and sustainable nutrition for your employees. Organize great cooking challenges and collect the best dishes in shared galleries.


Reward sustainable behavior

We only have one planet and every measure for more sustainability counts. With the Teamfit Sustainability Package, you can reward employees for sustainable behavior. What that is, can be freely defined, for example, participation in a CleanUp day, the renunciation of car trips or flights or much more.


Integrate your current corporate health offers

Teamfit is an open system, which makes it possible to integrate your current corporate health offers. Use the Teamfit app as your single point of contact for all of your corporate health offers and provide them to your employees in a modern and very well structured way.