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A healthy workplace is an important factor for the well-being and satisfaction of employees. Occupational health management includes all measures aimed at promoting and maintaining the health of employees. This includes, for example, measures to prevent illness, but also offers to promote physical and mental health. A healthy working environment can help employees to be more motivated, more productive and less prone to illness. In our blog articles on the topic of occupational health management, we would like to introduce you to various strategies and measures on how you can promote health in the workplace. This is not only about concrete offers such as ergonomics or fitness courses, but also about the design of work processes and the promotion of teamwork and communication.

man sitting on his bead, his head resting on his hand, he looks like he's hurting

Effects of Physical Inactivity on Health

Many people spend most of their day doing sedentary activities, whether at work, watching TV or at the computer.

An increasing lack of time, health awareness as well as opportunities for movement at work, lead to an underload of the musculature. Experts then speak of a lack of exercise. A lack of exercise exists when the frequency and intensity of physical activity do not meet the recommendation of at least 150 minutes of exercise or 75 minutes of sport per week. Symptoms of a lack of exercise include postural weaknesses and faulty posture due to weak back or foot muscles. In addition, there is overweight.

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