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Meal prep – preparation is everything!


Meal prep has been on everyone’s lips for some time now, and quite rightly so. But what is it all about exactly? Essentially, ‘meal prep’ means nothing more than ‘meal preparation’. The idea is that you take one day a week to cook three or more meals for the week to come. Meal prep is for you if you are short on time but still fancy eating homemade meals.

Meal prep – facts at a glance:

  • Saves time & money
  • Makes it possible to eat healthy and varied meals
  • Requires good planning and preparation
  • Ideal to do at the weekend

What are the advantages of meal prep?

With good planning, you save time and money – you only need to go shopping once and cook once to have tasty, varied, and healthy meals for several days with a total of only 2–3 hours of effort. Moreover, you have all the power to choose your meals and aren’t dependent on what the canteen or the butcher’s on the corner has to offer. If you still enjoy going out for a meal with colleagues or friends, you can simply plan to be flexible. What’s more, you’re not just doing something good for yourself, but for the environment too – you save a lot of waste on ToGo packaging and buying in bulk when shopping and cooking.

What do you should look out for?

Good planning is everything. Think about what you would like to eat in the next few days and write a shopping list. Saturday for planning and shopping and Sunday for cooking are the best days for preparation. You will also need boxes, jars, or lunch boxes to store your meals and some space in the fridge, of course. When out shopping, you should also make sure you choose the freshest food possible as it will need to keep for a few days. When preparing food, it is important to have clean work surfaces, cutting boards, knives, and storage containers. This is particularly important if you are preparing meat and fish. In general, almost any meal can be kept in the fridge for at least three days, and you can freeze some meals too, of course.

How to prepare the meals

In principle, almost every meal is suited to ‘meal prep’. As always, you should be careful to create a good nutritional mix of primarily plant-based carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, particularly when you’re exercising. You’ll also be doing yourself a favour if, in general, you make sure you have enough vegetables in your meals. A good rule of thumb is two parts vegetables – salad and fruit – one part carbohydrates (e.g. potatoes, rice, millet or pasta) and one part protein and fat-rich foods such as fish, meat, dairy products or tofu.

Here you can find some great recipes here, for example:


Your Teamfit team hopes you have fun cooking and trying out new recipes!

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