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Tap into the Benefits of Yoga


Yoga has spread across the globe since its emergence 5,000 years ago, and its popularity is not waning; after all, 300 million adults practice the sport worldwide. There are good reasons for this, as yoga strengthens muscles, reduces stress and thus has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system when practiced regularly. In this article, you’ll find out what other benefits yoga offers.

Yoga and its beginnings

Thousands of years, yoga saw its first mention in the Rig Veda. This ancient collection of texts includes songs, rituals, and mantras. Within the text was a description of unity.

In the texts, the unity is between the consciousness and the universal consciousness. The word yoga even comes from the Sanskrit “yuj,” meaning join or unite. The practice of yoga has led individuals to find greater harmony between mind, body, and nature.

In yoga today, many of those same traditions and the essence of mantras are in use. Promoting the well-being of individuals can create broader well-being in their communities and the world.

Practitioners today continue to value the benefits that extend beyond the body. For example, some styles of yoga incorporate the breath and movements to draw out a more profound connection further.

The positive effects of Yoga

It’s with good reason that so many people decide to bring yoga into their wellness journeys.

You may have heard about a few ways yoga can improve your life, but there are numerous others. These benefits include:

  • Increases in flexibility

  • Better balance that can help you prevent falls

  • Improvements to muscle tone and strength

  • A reduction in stress that may enhance cardiovascular health

  • Increases in body awareness that can drive athletic performance

Athletes can see their performance improve. In addition, yoga practitioners of all ages can enhance their health.

Building greater body awareness can even help older adults avoid falls that can be catastrophic. So let’s look at how yoga can become a part of your life today.

Styles of Yoga

A few of the most popular styles of yoga today include hatha, kundalini yoga, and vinyasa. Within these different styles, the focus of movements, breathwork, and poses varies.

In hatha yoga, positions emphasize slow and intentional posing. The positions challenge stability, strength, and flexibility. This style of yoga also taps into relaxation and mindfulness. Mindfulness brings an awareness of the present moment.

Vinyasa brings a unique challenge with its dynamic position shifts. Changes from pose to pose come more quickly in this approach. This style also engages physical strength with its challenging postures. Building endurance with vinyasa can be fun to do in a group setting.

Kundalini yoga looks to uncoil energy the body stores away. It takes a practitioner through stages of physical control and a focus on expressions of energy.

The movements, chanting, and breathwork (pranayama) build awareness of the mind and attentiveness to the body. Practitioners of each style can still find a deeper connection with themselves and a community.

The right Yoga practice for you

The style of yoga that is right for you is one you can practice with consistency. If you are looking for a gentle or calming practice, look for an opportunity to try a Hatha session. On the other hand, you may be looking for those athletic performance benefits and would enjoy a vinyasa practice.

Bring an open mind receptive to the possibilities of the practice. This approach will help you find the most value from any method that your body permits.

Make Yoga part of your everyday life

It’s not difficult to make yoga a part of your everyday life. Besides comfortable (sports) clothes, all you need is a yoga or fitness mat. In the meantime, there are numerous course providers, but you can also find countless videos, blogs and instructions on the Internet. Make it easy for yourself and use the Teamfit app. Here you can find different yoga units easily on your smartphone.


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