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Self-care means the ability to take good care of yourself by noticing and considering your own needs. It is best if you practice self-care in small but regular steps. Because our everyday life and the small things in it have the biggest impact on our well-being.

In the following article, you’ll learn what self-care is exactly, what positive effects it has, and how you can get started with self-care.

What is self-care?

Self-care is about taking care of yourself, taking care of yourself and doing something good for yourself. The focus is on your own physical and psychological needs and how you learn to perceive and heed them. However, self-care does not mean egoism, because if you want to withstand the often stressful daily routine and be there for your fellow human beings, you have to have enough resources yourself. It’s about more than an occasional bubble bath or a glass of wine in the evening: self-care is an inner attitude, a mindful and respectful approach to yourself.

What are the effects of self-care?

Regular self-care affects your body and mind in many ways, but in a consistently positive way. When you value yourself and your needs, your self-awareness and self-confidence increase. You get to know yourself better and cope better with stress, meaning your resilience increases and consequently your well-being increases. This also affects your physical health, because too much stress makes you sick.

How do I run self-care?

How can you learn to consciously perceive your own needs? Take a short moment of silence to listen to yourself. What are you missing right now, what would do you good? Regular mindfulness training can help you to recognize your needs more quickly and clearly. The day at work was exhausting, the kids have been fighting all day, and you’d rather spend the evening on the couch or go to a friend’s birthday party? Then don’t skip that feeling and stay home when you need to. For family and friends we always want the best – consider yourself a good friend and be there for you.

An exercise to start with self-care

Think about what activity you’ve wanted to do for a long time but never got around to. Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal, going for a long walk, getting a massage, or visiting the new café on the corner – make a fixed date with yourself and pursue your desire.

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