Collect Strength points for you team

With Teamfit HIIT Bodyweight Workouts you don't need any equipment. Build muscle and strenght with just your own body. Everytime. Everywhere.

100+ Videos

Every exercise with video description.

50+ Workouts

Use the predefined workouts from our licensed coaches.

Workout Generator

Creating Workouts based on your fitness level.

Highly effective HIIT Workouts

Use the most effective exercises combined to high effective workouts to build strength and fitness. All exercises are chosen by hand from licensed coaches from different sports.

100+ Video Exercises

Every exercise has a detailed video explanation with information and tips what you have to pay attention to.

Workout Generator

Teamfit includes a workout generator which creates workouts individually for you, based on you fitness level. After each training your fitness level gets adapted.

50+ vorgefertigte Workouts

Our coaches combined the exercises to highly effective workouts. Benefit from long time experience from different sports.

Own Workouts

You can create your own workouts based on the teamfit exercise catalog. Build the workout you want to do, make it part of your daily routine and collect strength points for your team.