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Bodyscan & visualization techniques for your relaxation

Nobody is spread from stress, worries or overload. However, there are different methods to deal with such difficult situations and get relaxed again. In this article we present 2 relaxation techniques to you which help you to calm down: Bodyscan & visualization techniques.

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WHO guidelines on physical activity

In 2022 the World Health Organization (WHO) published the “Global status report on physical activity 2022”. The facts and findings in there are very interesting and important – also for your health. In this article you will learn why physical activity is so important, which health advantages it brings along and how you can be more active in daily life.

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Autogenic Training – the power of thought

How much stress do you have these days? Is it easy for you to calm down and relax? If not, you are not alone. Relaxing techniques become more and more popular and rightly so, because many of them are scientifically proven like autogenic training. Get here more information about this method, how it works and what benefits it includes.

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